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  2. RT @textfiles: Oh, that classic, beautiful, masterpiece MacOS of the 1980s? That thing is not going ANYWHERE. - Adv…

  3. *coughs* me... Damn it Jan, learn to spell!

  4. @Ashley7Morgan Who eats at a kitchen table? It’s 2018 people eat at a desk, in front of a TV, or in bed 😂

  5. I get so sad whenever I boot into 10.9. It’s so pretty. However, it gives me great battery life with my borked GPU 🤷‍♂️

  6. RT @FracturedLands: More Beta play time open in just over an hour! See you all at 6pm PDT! #FracturedLands

  7. Last week
  8. RT @Hellz_Gates: I thought today wasn’t gonna get any better.........IM HAVING ANOTHER LITTLE BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. After a technical issue and low energy (and low self esteem if i'm gonna be honest) i decided that i, once again, l…

  10. Some of us do care, you stupid human being.

  11. @andymangoman @thomholwerda Unfortunately the “replacement” is not free to use, and requires an intermediary server.

  12. RT @Koenvgraphics: Anonymous Mascot Logo for a client! Please let me know what you think! Interested in a custom mascot logo? Hit me up! L…

  13. Heck yeah! Glad to have your @ChatyKathy !
  14. My name is Corey, also known as CauTTioNz. Been gaming on Xbox for years now but finally built a rig with @HoldenRiot and @MuscleNerd help. Looking to start streaming again soon once I finally get decent at Fortnite on PC haha. Look forward to connecting with everyone on K33N.. now lets get some WINS
  15. @NexT_LevelzZz JanPlaysGames there too!

  16. RT @ThatEricAlper: Music is your best friend when nobody else understands you. Happy #WorldMusicDay

  17. Not a fan...

  18. RT @anniecolbert: I wrote about my anxiety of being cooler on the internet (and dog buttholes).

  19. @mark91508394 lastly... i'm allowed to vent without causing any undue stress on those that follow me, or read my tw…

  20. RT @FracturedLands: Hey Cowboy kids, check out this mighty fine SG #FracturedLands

  21. RT @ACLU: The Trump administration’s withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council, coupled with its abusive use of power at home, only confi…

  22. Oh awesome!! That's great to hear! Glad to have you!
  23. Hello @HoldenRiot i actually joined in thru @BIGFURIOUSBEEF when after i joined his conan server after browsing thru mixer.
  24. @ZAshleeeyz @SGH_RTs @zTriKz @TwitchRetweetr @Twitch_RT @BattleRoyaleUK says you're offline!

  25. Changing it up today with some Mark of the Ninja, @DEFYHQS @TheRadComrades

  26. RT @davemark: Nice take on macOS longevity...

  27. RT @GFuelEnergy: #FaZeWins 🏆🔥

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