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  1. call of duty

    Hey! Thought id make a Call Of Duty Topic here on the K33N Website. if your looking to find others to play be sure to drop GTs here.
  2. Thanks bro! We will 100% play sometime. Closest games i play EA is FIFA & SIMS
  3. Hi, my names Borja. I've been frequently streaming over on twitch now for a week since the release of COD WII. I used to Stream & upload to YouTube before i quit due to the most recent CODs with jet packs (i aint a fan) With me being inactive on Twitch for so long I lost my audience and currently finding it hard to grow one back. I am 19 years old and work a full time job so I stream in my free time. Im glad to be joining this community as i see it as a great opportunity to meet new friends and other streamers. I am also a big fan of the set up of K33N and hope to see myself represent and help out as much as i can in the future. Thanks - Borja