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  1. @Ninja @NZXT @dremin @amelialhawkey @Maelas84

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  5. Honestly the best way is to visit other streamers. Stop by their stream and be personable! Then you would be surprised how quickly they return the favor!
  6. Welcome @Trippie Kevv ! Glad to have ya! @Birdman111290 and @itherealklutchi also stream on Xbox!
  7. Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition is provided via Steam key for Windows. For key redemption, a free Steam account is required. DESCRIPTION Get the complete Galactic Civilizations II saga including the acclaimed PC strategy game of the year Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, the award winning expansion pack Dark Avatar, and the newest expansion pack Twilight of the Arnor! Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords: Galactic Civilizations II is the sequel to 2003's hit turn-based strategy game of the same name. The player takes on the role of the leader of a space-faring civilization and must guide its expansion in a hostile galaxy. Gamers must balance their economic, technological, diplomatic, cultural, and military power to forge alliances, fight wars, and ultimately dominate the galaxy. The game is single-player and allows the player to play randomly generated galactic maps or play through a multi-mission campaign that tells the story of an ancient enemy called the Dread Lords. Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar: The expansion pack for Stardock's award-winning hit strategy game, Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords. This expansion pack not only adds the usual content that expansion packs tend to do such as new opponents, new units and a new campaign. It also greatly expands the game play of Galactic Civilizations II. New features include asteroid belts on the map that can be mined for resources, unique planets that require special technologies to colonize, spies to conduct sabotage and destabilization (or used to protect your worlds from the same), new types of diplomatic treaties, an enhanced artificial intelligence engine, and much more! Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor: The year is 2227 and the fire of war is consuming the galaxy thanks to the manipulations of the evil Dread Lords. But the remaining factions, led by the humans, have a plan to rid the galaxy of the Dread Lords once and for all. Expand the Galactic Civilizations II universe with Terror Stars, unique technology trees per civilization, Map editors, Custom Scenario makers, campaign editors, new types of ships, new planetary improvements, and much more! Key features: Beautiful 3D engine brings planets, stars, asteroids and ship battles to life. Create custom 3D ships piece-by-piece with your Shipyard. Play as any of a dozen unique civilizations or create your own. Multiple paths to victory: Military conquest, cultural domination, political alliance, technological supremacy or ascension. Addictive gameplay: Dynamic galaxies ranging from tiny to gigantic. Superior multi-threaded artificial intelligence enables computer players to provide a challenge without having to cheat. Put your scores online via the Metaverse and compete with players from around the world. Fully moddable design enables players to create unique opponents, graphics and scenarios. Advanced diplomacy enables players to trade, make treaties, alliances and more. Get the Game Free Here!
  8. Sick! How was Vacay!?
  9. Sounds good!!
  10. To bad PUBG isnt cross platform and i'm not sure if Sea of Thieves is. I play that too but on PC! Welcome @BIGFURIOUSBEEF !
  11. Hmm. Sounds like need a cache/reload of all entities.
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  13. Forsure! I dig it!
  14. We currently are using Oxide: Levels Plugin for Rust. Thoughts on if we replace Levels entirely with this newer similar Oxide: Hunt RPG Plugin? Reason: Hunt:RPG would Replace existing ZLevels plugin because it too has a Gather Rate increase... With that being said, we would be simply removing Levels and adding in Hunt:RPG protentially giving the gameplay even more purpose, even when going it alone! Currently the RPG is composed of: Levels Stats Points: Agility : Increases your change to dodge attacks Strength : Increases you Health Intelligence : Decreases the crafting time Skill Points Skills Lumberjack : Increases the gather rate for wood Miner : Increases the gather rate for ores and stones Hunter : Increases the gather rate from animals resources Researcher: Allow you to research items you have to generate the Blueprint, each skill point unlocks new types of items you can research and decreases the cooldown. Blacksmith - Increases the melting rate, every time a furnace fuel is consumed your furnace got a chance to produce X more result (Ex: metal frag). The x depends on skill level as well as the chance %. BlinkToArrow - You can blink to where your arrow fell. Each skillpoint decreases the cooldown. Gatherer - You can gather more resources from pickup. Taming - You can tame animals, thanks to @Bombardir. Level 1 allows wolf, Level 2 allows bear. You get exp when you gather stuff or build/upgrade buildings. You get 1 stat point automatically assigned to each attribute when you level up, and 3 to distribute. You get 1 skill point when you level up to distribute. To see the list of commands type /hunt or /h Each skill requires a level to get, some specific stats amounts, and a number of skillpoints to upgrade. (Still to be balanced) Ex: Skill Researcher: Requiers level 30, 45 int, and consumes 7 skillpoints to levelup. Also there is a max level for the skills. Default max profile level for is 200. Please comment and vote!
  15. 71Artists is K33N Gaming's preferred and recommend artist. 71Artists has fantastic work for a more than reasonable price! Making Customers "Wow" (DM on Facebook to Order now, or Email them at: 71artistsmail@gmail.com) Example work: Before After View more of 71Artists portfolio Order Yours today!
  16. Today, May 14th, 2018, our rust server plugin was updated. The following plugins have been updated: AlphaLoot (Edited based on player feedback) GatherManager (10x and Fixed Mining gather rate to also be 10x) Death Notes (Updated) BetterSay (Updated) Play on our Rust server Here!
  17. @Ink , I am not too familiar with AlphaLoot, do you happen to know how we can edit the Heli loot / know if this is a current issue with latest version as well?
  18. @Cerwin8D @Ink recently made an update to our server (Today sometime) that now should make Mining 10x. Please let us know if you find out if it seems to be still 10x!
  19. Hi

    Hey there @AvyWho !! Welcome!! Do you game!? What console/device/games!?
  20. Hey @Cerwin8D ! Welcome! Glad to have ya! Hope your enjoying our new Rust server!! That's awesome! I've never played in any tournaments although that does sound super fun! Speaking of VR Games, I have never played one nor have I ever tried a VR Headset... I think i need to get on that!
  21. RT @K33NGaming: @humble #DevOps #Bundle by Packt ! Grab it while you can! https://t.co/YIle4Wu8Ua Just $15 for over $1000 worth of Traini…

  22. Road To Battlefield: Get Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass For Free* By May 14 Act now and join the hardened French Army’s fight for their homeland in the first Battlefield 1 expansion pack. We’re on the road to the next Battlefield™ experience. Along this eventful trail you will find giveaways, missions, and more – all celebrating the journey we’re embarking on with you, the community. Today, we’re glad to announce that the Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass expansion pack can be downloaded for free* by Battlefield 1 owners between May 2, 2018 and May 14, 2018. Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass sees the hardened French Army join the fight, and you’ll get to don their characteristic blue uniforms, try new weapons, and play on new maps as you defend their homeland. To download Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass, follow these simple instructions: Head to Sony PlayStation® Store/Xbox Game Store/Origin. Find the expansion (marked as $0.00) and add it to your basket. Check out for $0.00 and start the download. Remember that the offer ends on May 14, 2018 and requires the Battlefield 1 base game. When you’re ready to deploy, how about taking your squad into the maze of dark galleries on the fan-favorite Fort de Vaux mapfor some close-quarter combat? If you’re in the mood for more open environments, try out Conquest on a map like Rupture, where you’ll fight with tanks, biplanes, and on foot across a sea of poppies. There’s much more to discover; the tug-of-war action of the Frontlines mode, the Trench Raider Elite Class, the Ribeyrolles 1918, new melee weapons, and more. Browse through it all on the Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass page. As you’re playing, seize the opportunity to complete two new missions, each worth 250 Scraps. Your objectives: grab 10 Dog Tags between May 2 – May 5, and score 10 kills using explosives between May 3 – May 8**. We also have a piece of giveaway news for the Battlefield 4 players. Owners of the game can get the expansion pack Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth for free between May 2, 2018 and May 14, 2018†. Enjoy the intense infantry warfare as you deploy in the urban settings of this classic expansion. The download procedure is the same as for Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass mentioned above. Have fun with the expansion packs – and stay tuned for new, exciting updates as the road to Battlefield continues. Get it Here!
  23. I agree with @Cerwin8D ! Who cares what others think about YOUR name. It's YOUR name. not theirs. I dig it. I think its unique. Shit, I get asked why I have Holden and Riot in my name. I have my reason for that, but at the same time I ask them in return, what does yours "mean" lol. Holden is my RL name. and Riot was my nickname in college. Primarily because my last name is pronounced like the baseball player Ryan Theriot... Hense the username "HoldenRiot". For years my old username was: "Hguitarrist" H for my name, and misspelled Guitarist due to my lack of knowing how to spell but told people its because you play with your "wrist".. You username shouldn't matter. its your content that reflects who you are as a creator, not your username. If that were the case, famous people like: Armin Van Buuren and others with long/hard names wouldn't be where they are today for example I say keep it, screw people who think otherwise! Hope this helps!
  24. It's neat forsure!
  25. Our website, K33NGaming.com is back online! Sorry for the temporary time that we were offline! We appreciate you!