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  1. Can anyone help me create sub emotes since I just recently became Affiliated? Once created what do I need to do next? Thanks!
  2. Working full time, streaming, watching streams and promoting K33N is hard work lol and that sleep thing which has taken a back seat! Not complaining, by all means, having a blast and love to help others! I see a much-needed vacation in my future. I want to thank everyone for their help and continue support. Cthulhu would be proud!
  3. Gonna play this new/old school shooter that came out today on Steam called Apocryph! Have a Steam key to give away to one of my lucky viewers!
  4. Xplizit is a good guy! I can vouch for him!
  5. I am also interested in learning more about your games! I feel that horror and suspense, with some exceptions, in movies and games have gone in the wrong direction. It's about creating the right amount of tension and atmosphere without showing too much. Let ones imaginative mind fill in the blanks. Oh well just my 2 cents lol
  6. Thanks for the support guys. I am not only here for support but to help others, make new friends and share ideas!
  7. I have been playing a BR with ships called Maelstrom. Thanks for stopping by and viewing my stream. I look forward to peaking at your game SYP!
  8. Hello all. My name is Todd. I'm an old, unskilled gamer who recently starting streaming part-time on Twitch Abyzmyl13 as I work full-time as a physical therapist. I enjoying playing all types of games FPS, co-op games, RPG's, survival horror. My other interests include horror, sci fi movies/literature, huge HP Lovecraft fan, music and watching sports including esports. I am looking to expand my stream, make new friends and above all have fun!