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  1. @NightlifecrewC @Gothalion as always, wait for the big guys to buy it, then see after the reviews. or take the risk :

  2. @ProfessorShipp @NeilmMonty @BearGuap_ @TheOnlyYzGaming @swift_apparel @GowFoxes @zTriKz @ShoutRTs @Laughing_rtw… https://t.co/5cd7OI7peT

  3. @NeilmMonty @ProfessorShipp @BearGuap_ @TheOnlyYzGaming @swift_apparel @GowFoxes @zTriKz @ShoutRTs @Laughing_rtw… https://t.co/nna9vparlb

  4. I might need help... @StreamAvatars ... I'm drowning! @SGH_RTs @cgndotus @Lunation_Gaming @K33NGaming Thats righ… https://t.co/SDxVt6spOR

  5. a lot of people will hate me because i spoke my honesty. i dont care. i'd rather chase off people that EXPECT thing… https://t.co/hZKT4xn194

  6. *flips out and has his streaming desires renewed* https://t.co/JfTHveQzNW

  7. slight technical difficulties.... what: Webcam

  8. @Woo_Debunker @SciSister *tries to speak...* *Fails...* *Simply makes a few noises before doing the gif action* https://t.co/6WDElwTteF

  9. @LogGic_SA THOT ALERT!

  10. @jk_rowling you know you done fucked up when THE J.K Rowling can only laugh in her tweets, and is incapable of doin… https://t.co/QEhkusb8pt

  11. RT @K33NGaming: Join the @K33NGaming community! Get your #Stream in the Spotlight, Promote and share your #Twitch, #YouTube, #Mixer content…

  12. @NightlifecrewC ????

  13. @AntabStudio So i'm just about to do my review, as per contract thanks to Woovit, and i am wondering if either of y… https://t.co/Vk1fPVpaah

  14. ahhh Skyrim. How moddable you are :3 @bethesda https://t.co/69oR39RcPV

  15. I've taken an unannounced hiatus from streaming for a little bit. Reason being is because i started to note that i… https://t.co/V87euDOkjW