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  1. PS... i suppose that me reaching out for help can be seen as a step in the right direction.

  2. @xCausxn dude, i am ABSOLUTELY LOVING your little website that allows me to use Mixer FTL streams as a restream to… https://t.co/cmFmIYq22j

  3. @FortGen3 SCAMMER!

  4. @RobertKuhlmeyer better be careful, if you have certain tendencies, this game will exploit it.

  5. @PhoenixHaloTC @AlexDropzz @ScrimFinder @BlazedRTs @ShoutGamers @SGH_RTs @FlyRts @Mighty_RTs @Demented_RTs… https://t.co/JZ61WwWzpp

  6. @EddieJMars i swear im gonna start unfollowing people that even dare mention bullshit like this "Gold and white? or… https://t.co/4JJmtY6vTU

  7. ... In the morning, its 12 38 am, and i've been at it since 6 pm..... I'm restin! XD

  8. Resurrection of the alienware! https://t.co/HS4tZEm7Di

  9. @G00DWlLL @RogueRTs @FlyRts @GFXCoach @GraphicsGuild @Quickest_Rts @Demented_RTs @FameRTR @ScrimFinder @BlazedRTs… https://t.co/BmAxQUS3VG

  10. This goes to anyone that follows me, or knows of my tweets. I am open to you! https://t.co/XbP36E1ljz

  11. RT @K33NGaming: Happy Monday! Do you #livestream on Twitch or Mixer!? If so, K33NGaming would like to help you gain exposure and views by h…

  12. @_aarontylertv_ Welcome to Australian Life... we've never had Net Neutrality... its really not a big thing.

  13. has anyone gotten AC:O to work properly with 60 fps or even 30 fps streaming with OBS? Need some tips and pointers,… https://t.co/4phjmhPYAZ

  14. @JamieChurch2 no pains, no gains! :D

  15. I just found the mythical "No Results Found" for youtube.... its creepy. its like envisioning @Google 's search eng… https://t.co/tQ9txketAf