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  1. Love this place 😎❤️

  2. Let me know next time you stream I’ll def check out your page and throw a follow

  3. @CORSAIR Def dark core rgb se wireless #corsairislife

  4. Going to attempt to paint my daughters fingernails and stream it as per her request, I have never done this before…

  5. RT @OverclockersUK: We had lunch with @itsDanBull yesterday. We like the chap @itsDanBull .

  6. Well thanks for ruining my Thursday !! Jk jk love yah dude !!! Hope you get internet sorted ❤️😎👍

  7. live now

  8. Going live for some PUBG Duos with my best duo partner STENKEY !!!

  9. @ImVaraYT @ShoutGamers


  11. @BigBearCE @MoczyTV You missed stenkey carry to an awesome chicken dinner ! I’m gonnna replay tomorrow

  12. You guys looking for anyone to join the streaming team I love nzxt !

  13. RT @CoolerMaster: Peekaboo.

  14. THis is a group of people that make youtube videos for small streamers, They have put me in 3 videos so far, they are awesome check them out
  15. Spoon_2_eye This otterpop for you ! #twitchclips @CB_Cowboy