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  1. RT @DLind: No discussion is needed because this is a self-obvious truth

  2. RT @K33NGaming: @K33NGaming has officially applied for Discord Partnership! Do you have #discord !? Check it out at…

  3. RT @laurenduca: Omfg they're going to ban doors before they ban assault rifles

  4. RT @chuq: My reality for twitter: if I get forced to stop using my preferred app clients, I will mostly stop using Twitter.

  5. RT @undeniablymike: Seriously @jack, this is absolute bullshit. Please hand over the company to someone who cares about the users and focus…

  6. @WizardCM The link within the app had it capitalized this way as well.

  7. I was surprised when the Mac OS 9 graphing calculator app alerted me to an update today. I was even more surprised…

  8. RT @marcoarment: Apple, the press, and analysts: “The Mac is basically complete. Nothing more can be done. There’s no need to invest furthe…

  9. RT @0xabad1dea: And let me see if I have this sequence of events straight: Google Drive: good name. Concise and clear Google Backup and Sy…

  10. RT @MartinSFP: This is not good. Best not use PGP for now > Critical PGP and S/MIME bugs can reveal encrypted e-mails…

  11. RT @ticky: to comply with GDPR, as of May 25th, I will no longer be remembering anybody’s name, face or personal details without their expl…

  12. GDPR memes have taken over the office

  13. If Mac RDP could stop deciding to randomly get the Windows key “stuck”, that’d be great.

  14. RT @BenRiceM: That awkward moment when

  15. Still waiting for the Windows 10 update that makes the Start menu actually appear the first time it is clicked