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  1. RT @reneritchie: “There’s already been at least one clash between advertising and engineering over security and privacy features of the fle…

  2. RT @odomojuli: https://t.co/RMyDKxZfZd

  3. @jnadeau ❤️ Thanks, this is very helpful for those of us who see limited information regarding our newly-closed radars!

  4. Fun to look back at the early days of this thing that changed everything. https://t.co/06QtCP43MJ

  5. Or.. my week last week 😅 https://t.co/7DeqBbzWVm

  6. RT @darkseid4nk: The sound of dial-up explained. https://t.co/MKT2CpHp3w

  7. RT @ItsFoodPorn: Dumplings. https://t.co/MYXhGsmOnI

  8. https://t.co/PsbwsLpTJy in today’s seed is using “real” macOS modals rather than those strange iOS ones: https://t.co/zFxBwbqknB

  9. RT @JonyIveParody: Three shitty years where you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. Ban the Nazis, ban the bots, and give third-party deve…

  10. RT @Mantia: Icons: they’re not logos. Use elements of your brand like color, shape, weight, and style, but resist the urge to just use you…

  11. @WithinRafael I get this email every couple days and have never been locked out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  12. @stroughtonsmith My magic keyboard is sagging really bad after less than a year.

  13. UIKit on Mac looks quite bad on non-retina displays; it's like an image that has been resized 😣 @stroughtonsmith https://t.co/2v2qZzwjMl

  14. @stroughtonsmith I’ve always had trouble doing that 😂🧐

  15. I’mma let you finish, but…. https://t.co/IYBIxRa134