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  1. RT @fail0verflow: Code execution is all the rage these days, but can your Switch do *this*? ;-) #switchnix

  2. @MichaelGillett I think it could be a great starting point if it replaced the desktop.

  3. RT @jamesthomson: The HomePod Wood Adaptor was included in every box. It’s the sticker.

  4. RT @gifs_bot:

  5. RT @sdw: Greetings, I am Sebastiaan de With, humble designer of UI with the ambition of one day creating something as great as Kai's Power…

  6. RT @davemark: Before you look at the tweet I retweeted, look at the attached photo. Only it’s not a photo. Mind blown. @SmallLebowskii is…

  7. RT @craigmod: Hotel apologizes for one single minute of internet outage at 4am. (Yes, Japan, of course.)

  8. Philadelphia played a hell of a game.

  9. RT @cairoshell: Need to grab a file without interrupting your work? Try Cairo’s new Dynamic Desktop overlay, available via button press or…

  10. @coolbooter any plans for a version of CoolBooter that can start from iOS 6?

  11. @rmondello @toggleModal Love them!

  12. RT @Dan_H: i found the best picture of today, close it down

  13. RT @georgeb3dr: Only .01% of people can translate this code from WW2.