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  1. yeah @HoldenRiot i've been collecting clips and have started work on making the parts and i'm making a separate part for you.
  2. Hey Guys, I want to make a K33N GAMING PUBG montage, but I need everyone's help, What I ask for you guys to do is: •Send me cool clips of anyone getting cool kills (especially clean kills *one taps*) but anything works •Send me funny moments and random things that happen •Send me pretty much all Winner Winner Chicken Dinners that everyone gets •anything else that you think would be cool in a montage Please make sure that the person you are clipping is from K33N (can be a teammate but make sure that someone in K33N is present in the team) It doesn't have to be a video/clip form twitch, it can be from YouTube or just you recording your game play and sending it to me If you don't know how to download a twitch clip to send to me than check this video out: You can just send me the link to the video but sending the raw video footage is much appreciated How to send me a clip: • PM me on discord (I Guess you could do just tell me that it is for this purpose, try to do this if you can) • Reply to this topic (not recommended) • Put the clip in the #steam-clip-highlights text channel and tag me: @Betrix (You can do this but this might spam the channel) I am not by any means good at editing but I want to test myself in making a montage Also tell me if I should either: • Just put music in the background for effect • Edit along to some music (make the clips/kills in sync with the music) • Just have the clips/kills and their reactions to them (if there is a reaction) • Tell me if you have any other ideas for me editing this montage Edit: Please if you could, go through your clips on twitch or your Ge-force Experience (I think it records kills. right?) and send those dank kills to me!