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Found 27 results

  1. We currently are using Oxide: Levels Plugin for Rust. Thoughts on if we replace Levels entirely with this newer similar Oxide: Hunt RPG Plugin? Reason: Hunt:RPG would Replace existing ZLevels plugin because it too has a Gather Rate increase... With that being said, we would be simply removing Levels and adding in Hunt:RPG protentially giving the gameplay even more purpose, even when going it alone! Currently the RPG is composed of: Levels Stats Points: Agility : Increases your change to dodge attacks Strength : Increases you Health Intelligence : Decreases the crafting time Skill Points Skills Lumberjack : Increases the gather rate for wood Miner : Increases the gather rate for ores and stones Hunter : Increases the gather rate from animals resources Researcher: Allow you to research items you have to generate the Blueprint, each skill point unlocks new types of items you can research and decreases the cooldown. Blacksmith - Increases the melting rate, every time a furnace fuel is consumed your furnace got a chance to produce X more result (Ex: metal frag). The x depends on skill level as well as the chance %. BlinkToArrow - You can blink to where your arrow fell. Each skillpoint decreases the cooldown. Gatherer - You can gather more resources from pickup. Taming - You can tame animals, thanks to @Bombardir. Level 1 allows wolf, Level 2 allows bear. You get exp when you gather stuff or build/upgrade buildings. You get 1 stat point automatically assigned to each attribute when you level up, and 3 to distribute. You get 1 skill point when you level up to distribute. To see the list of commands type /hunt or /h Each skill requires a level to get, some specific stats amounts, and a number of skillpoints to upgrade. (Still to be balanced) Ex: Skill Researcher: Requiers level 30, 45 int, and consumes 7 skillpoints to levelup. Also there is a max level for the skills. Default max profile level for is 200. Please comment and vote!
  2. Server Name: K33NGAMING.COM - [10x][Insta][TP][Clans][Levels][Kits] Address: Live Map Details: K33N Gaming Comminity's Rust server strives to bring fun and community together. Having a monthly wipe schedule allows gamers to enjoy their experience without the need to start over as frequently while still giving the best experience possible with great plugins! Join Today! WIPE SCHEDULE: Monthly Wipes (Beginning of each month). New Maps every time.