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    K33N Gaming is a social platform for viewers, gamers, streamers, developers, and content creators to connect and share their gaming content with one another. K33N Gaming strives to be the hub for all game enthusiasts of all platforms. K33N Gaming lives on community support (you), hosts official game servers, supports streamers and helps build live streamers an audience, all while providing constant entertainment.

  • K33N Updates

    8.29.18 - By popular demand, we have finally added the BGrade plugin to our Modded K33N Rust Server. The Enhanced Hammer plugin will still remain active as an alternative option. Enjoy! 
    In game use commands:
    /bgrade 0 -- Disable BGrade /bgrade 1 -- Enable automatic Wood upgrades /bgrade 2 -- Enable automatic Stone upgrades /bgrade 3 -- Enable automatic Metal upgrades /bgrade 4 -- Enable automatic Armored upgrades View the K33N Rust Portal

    K33N Gaming
    Dangerous Treasure and Master Locks Plugins have been added to K33N Rust!
    is an event that occurs once every one to two hours. The event spawns a box at a random position on the map away from all player obstructions and water.The event opens with a barrage of rockets that blast the chest's location. A sphere surrounds the treasure chest, and a fire aura is activated which sets players on fire who enter it. The chest is locked for a random period of time to give players an opportunity to travel to it. A server broadcast is sent informing players of the event, it's location, and to use '/dtd' to draw on their screen where the chest is located (usable once every 15 seconds). Players cannot build inside of the sphere, damage the chest, nor loot it until the event starts. When the event starts the fire aura and sphere are obliterated and the chest becomes lootable. Once the contents are stolen the thief is announced and the event ends. Treasure chests contain 6 random items of high-quality loot found in supply drops by default.
    What is Master Lock?
    Master lock saves you time and makes it so all locks can be the same code lock on doors and gives you the ability to open all doors and close all doors with chat commands.
    To use Master Lock:
    Simply place a Code Lock on your Tool Cuppord and set a lock code.
    Place additional doors and set a code lock on the door. (Setting a pin on each new door or existing doors is no longer necessary!)
    /masterlock – Toggles master lock on or off
    /opendoors – Opens all doors linked with the master lock
    /closedoors – Closes all doors linked with the master lock

    K33N Gaming
    Welcome @deathfire769 to the team and thank you for the plugin hookup!   
    The plugin features are the following:
    Usage of any available Workshop skin Fill up skins automatically per each item based on skin trending days Item duping protection Ammo duping protection ItemMod duping protection Items will have the same condition like the original ItemMods will have the same condition like the originals Ammo will have the same amount like the original AmmoTypes will be the same like the original ItemMods cannot be taken out of slots or put into slots Closing the box without taking out an created item will give back the first created item  
    Chat command:
    /skinbox - opens the box 

    View more info on our K33N Rust Server

    8.7.18 - It was brought to our attention that the command did not work and was causing issues and did not work as intended with the Server Rewards shop. ( /s in game chat command). We have removed the Car "Sedan" from our Rust Server that was originally spawn-able after purchasing the command in the in game shop.Thank you for your understanding.
    K33N Rust Server Staff

    We are happy to announce that our site has had many recent changes and additions to better your user experience! 
    The Site Updates Include:
    Navigation Updates / Changes
    - You may have mentioned our Site navigation looks slicker. It is cleaner and has been updated!
    - Donations page is New and improved. ( Donate any amount and automatically receive our special VIP Donator Role! )
    - Donations sidebar widget on homepage has been updated to "Donation Box" to match the new Donation system.
    - Forums is Now Under Community  in the navigation.
    - Community Hub is now Under Community in the navigation.
    - Clubs have been added Under Community in the navigation. ( Gives users the ability to Create a Club with a name, privacy settings, Description, Images, Discussion topics, calendar for Club events and more! )
    Profile Page Updates / Changes
    - Clubs have a Tab where you can view Clubs a member is in.
    - Donations have a Tab where you can view a members donations to K33N Gaming.
    - Trophies and Metals tab have been added for member rewards and achievements.
    - Social Info -  A new Profile feature has been added called Social Info. You can edit your Social Info by navigating to your K33N Gaming profile, and clicking "Social Info". (These will now display on the forums when you make a post!) ((NOTE: You must still click "Edit Profile" to link your Primary Streaming Account and other Social media information if you are a streamer in order for your stream to display on the website! This Social Info feature is strictly to display your Social Info on the forums/posts you make for additional exposure!)).




    Applications Page - We have a brand new Applications Page where logged in users can apply for set roles/positions within K33N including: Open staff positions, Applying to become a K33N Partnered Streamer, Applying to be whitelisted on GTA V: FiveM K33N RP Game Server, or filing a complaint/reporting a player and ban appeal.  (More open positions/applications coming soon!)
    Community Page Update - Our Community Hub page has been updated with an embedded Discord Chat viewer, and the sidebar now displays: Quick Links (helpful links), K33N Stream Teams, Latest Videos posted, Latest Members, and of course a list of our K33N Partnered Streamers!

    Servers Page Update - Our Servers page has been updated with our brand new GTA V: FiveM server and near Rust Server. Enjoy!

    K33N Rust Landing Page - Our K33N Rust page has been updated with new server details! 
    GTA V: FiveM landing page - Our K33N RP page has been updated with the new server details and information regarding the server!
    Videos Page - Our Videos page has been updated where the buttons now match the rest of the site. 
    Forums - GTA V: FiveM K33N RP has been added to the site forums.

    #welcome-rules channel has been updated with new beautiful graphics provided by @Betrix ! (Thanks Betrix)
    New Roles: 
    K33N Recruiting Lead - A brand new K33N Staff role. Leading our Recruiting team efforts. (Applications Coming Soon.. If interested, please reach out to @HoldenRiot!)
    K33N Recruiting Team - A brand new K33N Staff role that will report to K33N Recruiting Leads. (Applications Coming Soon.. If interested, please reach out to @HoldenRiot!)
    Raid Team - A Raid team for K33N Streamers

    K33N RP - Whitelisted - A role for all K33N RP - GTA V: FiveM players who have been officially white listed on K33N RP server.
    K33N RP - Police - A role for white listed Police on K33N RP - GTA V: FiveM server.

    K33N RP - EMS -  A role for white listed EMS on K33N RP - GTA V: FiveM server.

    As always, more coming soon!


    On 5.21.18, K33N Staff removed the "Player Report" plugin. Previously, this was the Player Report oxide plugin that gave players a visual GUI upon death in our Rust Server. This has been removed due to false reports. To fix the issue, we have removed the plugin after the recent implementation of our new File a Complaint / Report a Player site form. Any complaints / reports can be done so there. Thanks!

    View the K33N Rust landing page for more information.

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