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    This club is designated for the members of the Judicial system. Our goal is to uphold the laws set forth before us and ensure that everyone receives due process. Feel free to swing by and check the open and closed cases going on in the city!

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    The Lucchese Crime Family is an Organized Crime Group in Los Santos. We take only the best, and most trusted men the city has to offer. Start out as a prospect and work your way through the ranks, but don't think it will be easy.

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    The Bertone Corleone Family is a closed family only accessible to the lucky few trusted with such power. Made for the OG's in town that have hustled to get where they are at and get them the money and respect they deserve. We give back to the Community that fed us and make sure our members are protected and treated properly. Respect is the only rule to this family you give it and you shall receive. To make it in you have to grow through the ranks and get initiated, members will be limited and only the most respected and loved will make it. Do you got what it takes to make it?

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    Dead Locs Records is a multimillion dollar American record label founded in 2019 by Travis Miller, and Jake Billings. The label became a sensation by creating an opportunity for local artists to put their music out for the city to hear. However, there is a dark twist going on behind the scenes. The company has an underground business being ran by what's known as the "Higher Ups" that plots against anybody that is against them and/or anyone that poses a threat to their business. They plan to terrorize the police force, and any opposing gangs that step in front of them.

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    The lost boyz is a MC club Organized By Co owners Dale and Gunner harrington we started this club to Bring some balance in los santos where not getting into the gang banger life where here to be a serve and protect organization not to bully or take over the city just a group of biker enthusiast that ride together we DO NOT KILL COPS OR EMS AT NO TIME IF I OR DALE FINDS OUT YOUR DONE! we are here to be friendly and welcoming to help new citizens and do our business!

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    The Gambino Crime Family is an Organized Crime Syndicate in Los Santos.

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    This group is for all Mechanics within the Union to discuss variable topics. (Ex: Duties, businesses, questions, ideas, votes, etc.) Welcome!

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    We are a company, NOT A GANG. We handle business and business related transactions.

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    Group of EMS of K33N RP.

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    Union group for LEO's of K33N RP.