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About K33N Gaming Community

  •         K33N Gaming goes back to 2010. K33N Gaming Community used to be known as “K33N Clan”. The K33N Clan was co-founded by a past member, Jacob Tucker, Richard Mouat and Holden Riot. K33N Clan had a group of online gaming friends and decided to make a clan. K33N started by with hosting our own Teamspeak 2, and then ventured to upgrading to hosting our own Teamspeak 3 for our choice of communication. Our two primary games were: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox), and Combat Arms (PC). After a year of primarily supporting those two games, we launched our very own “K33NCraft” Minecraft server (PC). We moved from being just an Xbox focused clan which with more members, turned into a full gaming community of multi platform gamers.

            Seven years later, Founder Holden Riot wished to bring “K33N” back to life. He held a day long poll vote on weather to call the site K33N Clan again, or rename it K33N Gaming Community. As you can tell, K33N Gaming Community won the popular vote and that is the new “K33N” name. Today we utilize Discord to communicate amongst each other. Rather than setting focus on one single gaming platform or one or a few particular game, the new K33N Gaming Community welcomes gamers of all platforms and all games. The purpose of K33N Gaming is to bring together gamers with a common interest, and that is online gaming. I want to personally thank the original K33N Clan members (2010-2012) who have come back to help revamp K33N Gaming Community.