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  • K33N Discord Facts     CXvYsmJ.png

          green-check-mark-hi.png  Over 755+ registered members

         green-check-mark-hi.png   Leveling system and special achievement rewards

         green-check-mark-hi.png    Integrated Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube Gaming support and auto-promotion of streams

         green-check-mark-hi.png    Integrated in house K33NBot linking the K33N Site Forums to Discord

         green-check-mark-hi.png    Self-assigned roles & permissions

         green-check-mark-hi.png    Streaming Channels for Streamer and K33N Partnered Streamer Roles

  • Get Partnered

          green-check-mark-hi.png  Get your stream in the spotlight of the homepage of the website in "Featured Streamers"

         green-check-mark-hi.png  Access to K33N Official Partner only Graphics and Stream Overlay animations

         green-check-mark-hi.png  Get added to the exclusive K33N Partnered Streamer page and Sidebar widget 

         green-check-mark-hi.png  Discord and Website Role: K33N Partnered Streamer

         green-check-mark-hi.png  Access to special features, including social media shoutouts, and video highlights

         green-check-mark-hi.png  Priority for K33N stream raids

         green-check-mark-hi.png  Priority slots on K33N Official Game Servers

         green-check-mark-hi.png  Get your stream auto hosted by K33NGaming Twitch/Mixer account and join the K33N stream team.

         green-check-mark-hi.png  Stream promotion on the K33N Discord 

         green-check-mark-hi.png  Ability to partner with K33N for special stream events such as charity streams, conventions, and more


    Sweet, but what is required by me?

          green-check-mark-hi.png Feature K33N logo and K33N Discord link on your Stream Channel

          green-check-mark-hi.png  Shoutout K33N Gaming every few minutes somewhere in your stream/chat

          green-check-mark-hi.png  Follow K33N Gaming on Twitter and Use @k33nstreams and or #k33n in your Tweets

          green-check-mark-hi.png  Be a member of the K33N Discord


    Want to apply to become a K33N Partnered Streamer? Apply Today!

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