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  2. RT @streamlabs: ⠀ 💕💖✨   💕 💖 ✨ ✨   💕 ✨   ⠀ 💕 💕 can I get a 💖  ✨ sub badge ✨   💖…

  3. @Lunation_Gaming @SGH_RTs @cgndotus @K33NGaming @NightlifecrewC :D

  4. I have just made a brand new plugin for Mixer Streamers! For Mixer Streamers who like WordPress, and love the ease of use of it, i have created a plugin that connects the Mixer API to your stream, and your website! What is it? I call it: Streaming Companion For Mixer What Does it Do? My plugin makes a communication between the Mixer API and your Mixer stream in order to show the following on your website: Online Status Game Name Viewer Count Live Video Feed (An ENTIRE portable version of mixer.com with the capability of logging in, AND chatting with the Streamer! :D) VODS! Compatibility THE ENTIRE THEME works for Broadcast LITE and Broadcast PRO. Modification: Due to the modification that i've done, even the theme that i've spoken about above, needs SOME modification. Before using this plugin. There is a little coding for you to do (Only in the Broadcast LITE & Broadcast PRO themes!) Inside title.php (includes/header/title.php), You will need to change two lines of code Lines 1 – 4, Delete the code, and put this code in, inside: <? php $mixSettings = get_option(‘mix-companion-settings’); $username = $mixSettings[‘field_1_1’]; ?> Screenshots WHERE TO GET IT! Broadcast Lite & Broadcast PRO Themes are available over at: https://www.streamweasels.com/product-category/themes/ Streaming Companion For Mixer is available over at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/streaming-companion-for-mixer/
  5. @GamersJuiceYT @K33NGaming @SGTShotYou If you register for free on their website you can submit all your videos on… https://t.co/ztRKXkSnWG

  6. The death of the silly centered search bar must be upon us. https://t.co/hhfLjPk8vf

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  8. RT @choiceyHD: BACK AT GAMEBATTLES 4v4's!!! COME HANG OUT!! 3 AWAY FROM 100 FOLLOWERS! @ImLiveRT @DEFYLLC @Demented_RTs @Twitch_RT #Support…

  9. @TheOfficialWook You look nice always bb

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  11. @_inside works great here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  12. @BethesdaSupport Hey there. I need desperate help. your links over at https://t.co/EImK1RRtX3 are infinitely referr… https://t.co/ihVEnhePuH

  13. RT @FreakoutGames: 👍 Retweet & Like to get this shared around! 👍 #youtuber #smallyoutuber #blogger #bloggerswanted #contentcreators @LaZ…

  14. RT @TheRadComrades: Congratulations to the one and only StacheAndSynths! This is well deserved my man! https://t.co/j3dwItljza

  15. RT @whimcomic: I ate a whole tin of beans and now I’m pretty sure I’m measurably contributing to global climate change with my methane emis…

  16. 8.7.18 - Rust Server - Car Removal

    cars are now fixed and can be purchased in the /s shop in the commands section!
  17. @NightlifecrewC vhat peeffa? *muffles out, cheeks full of pizza*

  18. @MrBromerica Fair enough. Games can’t feel like a job. I’ll prolly start up streaming again soon with WoW. BFA has got me hyped.

  19. Finally tried Newman O’s... @gruber was right

  20. Holy shit !! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy and better fragger !! Now I’m a fan of noble eSports !! https://t.co/q4UlL8nITn


  22. RT @BethesdaStudios: Our friends and partners at Escalation Studios are officially joining Bethesda Game Studios. We’ve made some great gam…

  23. Awesome man !! What’s your twitch url ?? @DEFYLLC @DynamicNationUS @Spoon_2_eye @hambinooo @MikeJustSucks @MoczyTV https://t.co/4bD0KG4kKp

  24. RT @Ocasio2018: Just like catcalling, I don’t owe a response to unsolicited requests from men with bad intentions. And also like catcallin…

  25. RT @DuckDuckGo: Our mission is to raise the standard of trust online. We do this partly through educating people about online privacy throu…

  26. @NightlifecrewC Thankies! :3

  27. RT @xkcdComic: Voting Software https://t.co/7f5JJohhYI https://t.co/TKFNcEXWdk https://t.co/1ZsSvK3fHg

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  29. Right LOL https://t.co/UR5Lgad9Ns

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