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  2. @NZ_Evldoa @archonaut I know Mixer wont. But i will > : 3.

  3. PaMu: Waterproof Wireless Earbuds - Never Fall out!

    let me help you on this, i spent a good time finding my own bose wireless speakers, they are the best, you read these two guides about wireless portables speakers i hope these guides will help you. 1. https://www.pollowers.com/best-wireless-speakers/ 2. https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/best-bluetooth-speakers/ please dont hesitate me to ask any question about them, i work in a media studio. thanks
  4. Interface Builder blows itself up so easily 😩

  5. Can't wait to see @arminvanbuuren this upcoming Thursday in Indy! He has the best sets hands down! Really hoping he… https://t.co/8fGOwwom5u

  6. Reminder of Love, and why you should care. Read: https://t.co/r5eTljLgAL

  7. RT @hambinooo: As a cancer survivor myself, I'm extremely excited to be partaking in this event. Can't wait! https://t.co/IxeK0N5cEl

  8. @MrBromerica How bout Rend?

  9. Dirt is #dirty

  10. RT @veganspaceman: We're balling right now!! #mos #marblesonstream https://t.co/NMMN98fzPG https://t.co/brdC2Y9pyf

  11. @TeamEmmmmsie Reminds me of this: https://t.co/IH4fFPlLFG No idea why..... xD

  12. @LeaRenaee Your grumpy cat would lothe you

  13. Going live with mark!!! been to long my friend https://t.co/szWndHGPd1 @DEFYLLC @veganspaceman @StacheAndSynths… https://t.co/x1LJb4zNZC

  14. This 100% — and it can still work cross-platform. https://t.co/RDF43PJzFY

  15. @Wulf7151 This is true... i just dont want to get caught up in something like "You used the name Janoria to sell me… https://t.co/CSeGglk3Jd

  16. Anyone happen to know anyone who may be looking to sell two @TheLionKing tickets for tomorrow Wed 9/26 or Thurs 9/2… https://t.co/lNsg8bl0df

  17. A re- introduction

    Changed my name on Twitch from Abyzmyl13 to Abyzmyl. I wanted to say another big hello to a great gaming community!
  18. @sydneybrklyn Wow @tayhdtv you look great!

  19. RT @hambinooo: WE FRAGGING THIS MORNING get in here : https://t.co/wiG7RpBKBB https://t.co/zGIZGK6CxM

  20. @mehedih_ The 2015 is only marginally slower though 🧐

  21. @CumshotH @DNRCREWx @DNRRTs @SGH_RTs @DNRCREWx @DNRRTs @SGH_RTs Can we all just... Report this wanker?... This is j… https://t.co/Vea6ODVVmt

  22. Hackathon at work today! #Hackathon 0x8C297CB47c1AE83f4f989803205782ea60b9b143

  23. RT @viticci: Here's a pretty cool shortcut idea: use HDMI-CEC (if your TV supports it) to turn on your TV and switch input to the TV. Use…

  24. RT @marshmellomusic: Hey, it's me! Thanks for having me answer some questions @GQMagazine. https://t.co/kifOAuP6cY

  25. @tomscott hope you dont mind that i backwards engineer it for that sake... instead of https://t.co/4Aaa8nqu6h its https://t.co/mEIJyDvNvV

  26. RT @Barknado69: The job hunt is going well https://t.co/1GUWGe9CBm

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