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K33N RP - Community Requirements


    RECRUITMENT REQUIREMENTS1277150762_K33NRplogooption.PNG.691f6aa2f017fddabf198f66e7298138.PNG

    All members MUST:

    • Be at least 17 years of age on the day you apply. - No Exceptions
    • Fully understand and speak English.
    • Have a working, clear sounding, headset (no feedback allowed from speakers/microphones).
    • Applications must have complete sentences and be in proper English.
    • Read and agree to all of our community rules and regulations. (Click Here)
    • Show respect to both players and staff/administrators at all times!



    • The Administration/Head Administration has the right to remove a member from the K33N RP if they do not hold up to the community standards.
    • Providing false information or lying on your application or in interview may result in permanent denial/removal from the community.
    • By joining this community you agree to be recorded in any interviews, meetings, patrols, or other events taking place on K33N Gaming including Discord, Teamspeak, and Game Servers.


    Please Note: K33N RP is a roleplay community for GTA V FiveM.