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Potential Pay per employment.

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Recently some jobs and their pay was adjusted to balance the economy better. Some of them were much needed and others I feel are going to hurt more than help, especially for white listed Mechanics who are expected to abide by the law to a reasonable extent. I logged onto my second account this morning and went through all of the available jobs as well as some others that I am familiar with. Please bare with how difficult the below lines may be to read the most important thing to pay attention to is the job itself and the total "POTENTIAL" money you could make an hr. Of course however my focus is on the mechanics potential pay compared to non white listed job. As always, thank you guys for all y'all do and hopefully this intel can help develop the economy in the future. If y'all need anymore ideas or information I am very free today and look forward to hearing back from you.


Bus Driver-$50/15min 5per person/$435 /2k returning buss 15min trip =$10,540hr
Fisherman $100 45 minutes $4500 Clothes default to bald lady =$6,400hr
Gang Member No Salary 10k 5 minute turf war x8 turfs= $80,000hr
Reporter- $75 15 minutes/Nothing to do $300hr
Uber- $50 every 15 minutes Clothes default to bald lady $200hr
trucker-Employee $200 15 minutes 2 Runs/15minutes =$1500 Including returning 1 truck =$6800hr
Unemployed-$1 paycheck $4 hr
Club Worker $300 15 minutes with no way to RP job $1200hr
LEo-Capt $850 15 minutes $3400hr 
Mechanic-Tier 1 $250 15 minutes/ Tow missions pay 15 dollars for 15min work to comp account/ Repairs invoice 5-1000 to company account $1000hr
Car dealer- $2500 15 minutes/ 20% profit on all vehicle sales =$10,000hr not including interest


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These are my own personal opinions, as I have just read through this post:

Gang Member - Turf War should be a random reward. Not EVERY gang turf will have 10k. (Maybe drug sales were bad that day)

Car Dealer - Your pay is based more off commission then Salary. Most IRL dealers I know make minimum plus commission. That's why they push to make that sale. 

Reporters - It's gonna pick up now since the Lockpicks are back in. There are plenty of stories that could be posted. For instance, the drive by shooting that downed about 5 people last night. Nobody reported on that..Robbery in Sandy shores..Reporters are to report, whether its for social interaction, Crime and even sports events. We have been having Events every week. Fight night! Nobody was there for that. The new race track is gonna bring in many different modes of racing. 

I'm even sad to say EMS could use a drop in pay as well. There are times we are really slow and we get a good paycheck for doing nothing. At my current rank I get (I believe) 1000 or 1200. I don't mind the high pay, but at the same time there isn't really much I need to pay for. That's why I have been going out and talking to business owners etc about the First Aid stations in the businesses (since EMS is basically a branch of the Fire Department anyways) for RP reasons. Makes me feel like I am earning my paycheck. 

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noticed that you only put tier 1 mechanic what about mechanic boss ... i mean should a mechanic boss be making more money then anyone in the city ?

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