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I want to suggest to cut the robbery time down atleast another 60 seconds. I was robbing a store in poleto bay and cops got all the way there from the far end of the city and I still had over a min to go. I don't think 5 min is a realistic time for the robbing process. 


-Add store clerk and get small sums of money (nopixel)

-Use lockpick and continue to get small sums of money and be able to run when you feel you need to. 

-Use lockpick and make time 120 seconds and give you $1000 (maybe alittle more) and then if you want more you use another lockpick and have the same process you can use another one right away. ***keep in mind lockpicks are $500 so you would only be getting alittle bit of a profit from that! I like this one alittle more but that's just my opinion***

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