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Game Server Not Saving?

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Hello all,


Okay so I've recently started playing this great new building game. Quite interesting with the building system. It's got a mix between Rust and Space Engineers. How ever I've come into a slight problem. I put in a lot of work on a design yesterday I probably spent over 20 hours on it in game physically yesterday. I got on this morning and I have my server to reset every day at 4 am eastern standard time. 
Now with all of that being said I logged into my server this morning, I spawn into a fresh start. So I'm not exactly too sure what happened there. I then went to the config folder in the server and of course the game was set Pause game true or false while off line and the server said false. I quickly changed that and set it to true so that the game would not continue on after I log off the game. 
Minor issues but it's quite annoying to start from scratch every day on a design and on Survival mode none the less. Also I've noticed that I haven't quite figured out if the game itself automatically saves the game like many others do. Or even does a save point to which you can return to. Another side note I have not seen any Remote RCON tools for server admin as of yet either.

That portion of this post out of the way. The next item up for grabs is a decent question. Now of course playing in Survival mode most games for admin have No Clip capabaility and Creative mode inside the Survival. I have correctly added myself as admin on the server. But the only menus I'm getting for the game itself is pressing escape and players list and a kick or ban option as well. But that I'm not worried about at least the kick ban method is simple enough. But as admin if I have to help a player on the server is there Creative and No clip available?


Thank you

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