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6.2.19 - Criminal (Zipties), AFK/Ping Auto Kick + Performance updates & more

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6.2.19 - Significant performance updates made.
- EMS's new job tiers have been renamed to: EMT, Paramedic, Supervisor, Chief of Medicine
- Law Enforcement Officers Radar Gun key to activate has been changed from Y to R to fix "No vehicles nearby" message being displayed upon starting the Radar gun.
- Criminals can now purchase Zipties at Gas stations and can be used for Hostage situations. (Shift+L)
- Auto Ping and AFK Kick added. If ping > 250 then user will be kicked. If user is AFK for 15 minutes user will be kicked.
- /sober command does not effect Drugs. It now only effects /drink (Drinking).
- New vehicle custom skin for Ambulance. (Thanks @ChaoticNyte)
- Added garage in the alley behind Premium Deluxe Motorsports
- Added additional LSCustom locations
- Reduced vehicle upgrade costs
- Added Reporter Only Job props and scenarios: /cam , /mic, /bmic  (Functional Breaking News Camera, Micrphone that can be used with pointing (B), and Boom Mic.). The same chat command can be used to put the items away. 


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