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I won't name any names, but a specific group have been targeting me outside and inside of role play, and it sucks when there's not really any kind of penalty for it. I get harassed on twitter when I post things about role play. I've even been killed just because they don't like me outside of role play for things that my character does. I've even tried messaging the people who keep targeting me and telling them that it's all just role play, yet they ignore me or block me. 

It's kind of saddening that I have to deal with this stuff outside of role play too. Some people take this way too seriously and I sometimes just don't feel like getting back into the city because I know that I'll probably just be killed, or taken hostage for no other reason than they just don't like me.

It would be cool to see some kind of action being taken for people who take out anger on others for their role play. After all, it is just a game and I feel that NOBODY should have to deal with this kind of pettiness whether it's in character or not.

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