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Nick McClane

Joining The City

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I think when someone joins the city it shouldn't be prompted that they did. This is just meta gaming to know which police are on and your friends etc. Maybe create a phone list to show who is active when you're on too? or just simply have people text each other and see who is around.

Also, the Delete key is being abused. I see it on numerous streamers streams of them abusing the Delete key to check to see who someone is that's wearing a mask or about to kill them without RP'n to find out who they are etc. 

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Hey @Nick McClane

Thanks for all the suggestions. I agree. WIth the server growing, the join and disconnect messages are not necessary. I have created a ticket in our backlog to remove this to cut out meta gaming and abuse of this. I have also added an item to look into the whose online feature on phones potentially.

Regarding delete key: We could possibly make it so only EMS, Police, and Staff can use that, but that is required by those roles in order to do revives, jail, ect. So if you see it abused by a Civilian, please file a report. https://k33ngaming.com/forum/application/form/7-file-a-complaint-report-a-player/ 

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