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Nick McClane

Masks and Voice boxes

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Can we get clarification, as a WHOLE, as to the terms of using masks and voice changers?

I'm getting mixed things said to me from certain people and would like proper clarification. Not saying I don't trust the mods I've spoken with, but certain individuals are abusing both these features. Which include bandannas.

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K33N RP Server Rules

11. Unacceptable Character Appearances

Dress your character in an appearance that is realistic. Do not dress your character like a video game, dress him in a manner that mirrors a real-life person.

A. Do NOT: Conceal your face unless committing a crime. (IE; Wearing mask/bandannas while not committing a crime is strictly forbidden)

B. Do NOT: Wear costumes unless it is explicitly related to a job or role-play aspect.

C. Do NOT: Change your character's physical make-up.

D. DO: Dress your character to match his story/background.



Anyone found breaking these please file a report.

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