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Just a couple of ideas

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Mechanic Shops

- There should be some kind of implement where if there isnt any mechanics in the city then you can go to a shop and upgrade your vehicle yourself for the same price as the mechanic would charge. Now, if there IS a mechanic in the city and for whatever reason you didnt want to go to him or whatever the reason is, you would go to the shop and it would cost an extra amount. Now that extra amount will go straight to the mechanic.


Turtle Wax

- Something should be added to the city that acts like Turtle Wax. Cars get dirty WAY too easily and if there isnt a mechanic online then you have to spend $100 at the carwash which is ridiculous. This would either be supplied at a gas station or y'all could implement a shop inside PDM, Imports that you can buy it from there. 

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