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Domestic Cars - Handeling and Pricing

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So what I'm understanding is the domestic cars are going to be reworked and they will go faster or slower than 120 based on their price.  (if I'm wrong there correct me)

With that being said I feel like it would be appropriate the adjust the pricing of the domestic cars as well to be more appropriate for what we are getting. And then with that I feel like the domestic engine mods should go do below 100k for any individual max level mod. (example no specific car just random numbers: Engine lvl 4 - 95k, Suspension lvl 4 - 65k). 

My reasoning behind the Mod price changes is this: if I buy a 600k and spend 560k on mods that car should be untouchable in speed and handling. When realistically in the server we are only getting a 5-10mph boost from complete engine upgrades even if you're spending half a mil or more.

I would even go as far as saying all upgrades should be the same price as all the import upgrades or similar on any car over 100k. Import cars cost roughly 147k to fully mod out. 

I don't mind the cars not going 250mph but I do think their speed should be reflected not only buy the price of the car to buy but also the price of the complete engine upgrades.

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Thank you for posting in the Forums! This is the best way to go about it and have your voice (TEXT) heard! I believe that is the overall thought but this will definitely be taken into consideration. 

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