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Tuner Chips, ID's, House Keys, ect..

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Before I begin Appy & I (Simon Turner in game) both sat down and come up on these things that should be implemented into the city.


Black Market for Vehicles:

- We can use the shop that is already in the game named "CarTune Network" that can have Tuner Chips, Repair kits, NOS for cars, ect. The owner can buy the repair kits off of the mechanics OR the repair kits can be supplied by the gods to the owner. If having super fast cars are in issue then make something like the tuner chip/NOS that can make driving more enjoyable. 

- Nos should be a install to a car that would cost lets say 100k. You can use that boost ONE time and if you want more you can go back and refuel it for lets say 5k. Make it so you can only have one boost per.

- I've said it before and ill say it again. Get a item in the city that would act like Turtle Wax. Cars get dirty way too easily and car washes are way too expensive. Should create a shop within PDM/Imports that you can buy this at.


Tattoo Parlor / Barbershop:

Tattoo Parlor - Make it into a job that people would come to to get some ink. You can have a catalog in the discord with all the designs to choose from. The way it would work is you would tell the artist which one you would like and where you would like it. Say you wanted it one your left arm on the inside right below the elbow. The artist should be able to re-position it in away you would like.

Barbershop - I know you can change your hairstyle at the clothes store but this is a good way to get more jobs in the city. The barber should be able to change your hairstyle and color. Also implement BEARDS.


Walking Styles:

- Implement a way to change your walking style into the clothes shop when customizing your character. All characters walk the same and there isn't any variety.


Physical ID:

- Make it so ID's are actually an item you carry on your person. This would create some great RP. You can steal them off of people and impersonate them. Say you get pulled over and you have someone else's ID you can use that. That can either work with you or against you whether that person has any outstanding warrants or not. Also i've seen many times on streams that a cop pulls someone over, the person hands over their "ID" then speeds off.


Realtors / House Keys:

Realtors - Either make it so you can buy properties when there isn't a realtor is in town or hire more people as realtors. I only know 1 realtor and thats Jay Dee. I bet there are some people that dont even know how to buy a property. Definitely need more realtors though.

House Keys - Make it so you can give a key to your apartment/house to your friend so he can go store whatever he needs at your place.


If you read through all these topics i greatly appreciate it. I really these things in the game would make the city more enjoyable.

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