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7.2.19 - Garbage job added, bug tweaks and updated system

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Changelog for 7.2.19
• Added lockable garage doors at Los Santos Customs on Popular st and Greenwich Parkway auto shops. • Added Garbage job. Head on down to the job center and become a Garbage collector then head to Biffa Logistics to take out the trash! You can even do this job with up to 4 people! Split the pay and enjoy working together. Note: must have Distance Scaling in graphics settings up only a tad to see trash bins.
• Tweaked server update embed • Fixed garage location by the racetrack. • Fixed Tow job's not paying out for missions • Fixed tow/mechanics job society/boss menus • Fixed Vespucci Police garage spawn point • Adjusted Truck driver mission payouts.
• Upgraded servers operating system.
Server Changelogs

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