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7.6.19 - 7.7.19 - Import Dealership relocated!

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• Imports Dealership has relocated to the Bay area beachside.

• Temporarily took our Vangelico Jewelry store robbery. Was able to be hit constantly and without Police online. This is being fixed and will return shortly!
• Fixed Pillbox Ped Dr. Spawn location. (No longer blocking doorway/Hospital entrance.)

• As you'll see in the coming days and hours that your payouts and items will be different this for the increase Realism on the server. All items, cars, aircraft, and business will be adjusted as well. This is to bring a proper balance to the economy system in the server. If you have any questions please post in the forums and admin will assist.

Changelog for K33N RP Launcher - Big Update Released -for more information please see changelog in Application -Any bugs please report to @TheShiper - Thanks to @thearc for all the graphics work -Thanks to you to @scj312 for the IAM System (Player Status area on launcher)

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