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Marine Veteran0

Why, herrow there

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Hey guys. I'm Marine Veteran0. The name isn't just a gimmick or something that I wanted to be catchy. I am indeed a Marine who served nine years of active duty. I am also a REALTOR® in Houston and an advocate for veteran's who need help. I enjoy gaming and streaming and have some really big ideas that I want to implement once I am able to make partner on Mixer. I play a variety of games and if you are curious as to which ones, all you have to do is ask. Every session is open for anyone to join and game with.

I do stream for multiple causes and will do some massive stream sessions for charities.


Outside of streaming, I am a husband of over 12 years and a father to 4 crazy kiddos. If there are any questions that you have for me, just ask away. And no, my favorite crayon ain't red. It's spent brass and freedom

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Hey @Marine Veteran0

Welcome to K33N and thank you for your time served! (even tho I'm Canadian I still appreciate). I can't wait to see you grow on Mixer it sounds like you have good ideas and a great outlook!

I'm in the same world with Kids I've got 4 of them as well 2 months, 2,3 and a 5-year-old and 7 years together. 

Again welcome to k33n and if you need anything feels free to message me

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