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Hey Everyone, 

Sorry for the lack of information being posted on the website we have been really busy with a bunch in server stuff and as well some things outside of K33NRP. I will do my best to list all changelogs that have happened since 7.9.19 

Changelog for 7.9.19
• NEW IMPORTS! 1970 Chevelle, BMW X6M F16, and a replacement Subaru BRZ!
Changelog for 7.10.19
• Removed door locks from PDM Parking lot entrances.
Changelog for 7.11.19
• Vangelico jewelry heist & Safe cracking is back!
Changelog for 7.11.19 update
• Club worker is now a whitelist job. (Removed from Job center.) If you wish to be a club worker, speak to the owner of the Vanilla Unicorn.
Changelog for 7.12.19
• Added Food truck job. Head to PDM and get yourself a Taco truck and stock up on Tacos, Water, bread and Powerade at your local shops to sell to locals! • Tacos have been added as an item and consumable... YUM!
• Removed problematic clothing shirt that was causing client crashes.
Changelog for 7.16.19
• PDM shop received a massive update! Self-service and vehicle finance options now available! Be sure to pay off your vehicle or it will be repo'd!
Changelog for 7.17.19
• Motels have been added to the city! Visit Pink Cage Motel to rent yours today! • City hall Courthouse has been completely remodeled! • Dice rolling has been added for gambling RP. Use /roll to roll the dice! • New LS Customs business location added
• PDM car dealer bubbles moved to in offices. • PDM Vehicle spawn points have been adjusted
Changelog for 7.17.19 part 2
• Fixed many inventory items. Items that previously could not be moved from inventory/trunks should now be moveable. If you notice something that is not, please report it on our forums.
Changelog for 7.20.19
• Fixed vehicle damage to add a more realistic feel (they last longer now)
• Lowered Time to remove a weapon from a holster


And there we go that's all the changes. I will make a better effort to post the updates. 


Richard (TheShiper)


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