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I know this is has been talked about many times and shut down just as many times. I wanted to put in my 2 cents and a possible break down of everything that could come from this.

Main point: Legal weed sale from people employed under the "blunts on the beach" dispensary. This will create more RP specially if we can only get smokable weed from them if a stress bar was implemented.

The weed farm up north could be locked to anyone not employed under the dispensary. The dispensary can hire farmers who produce the weed, then they can hire drivers to deliver the weed to the distribution, the distribution can sell to players (if a stress bar is implemented) or just locals. 

The dispensary pays taxes similar to how it is in real life. 

I think working out a system (whether it be a developer addition or just something that's RPed) would help create more RP for the people involved.

The issue now with the weed system is this: you go harvest alone, you sell alone and maybe cops find you if you don't leave fast enough. The new weed system: you grow alone, you harvest alone, then you take it all to one NPC who buys it from you and does not alert the cops. 

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