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K33N Lids Logo digitization stitching

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K33N Logos are now available at Lids (Lids.com) stores!



Logo options that can be stitched on a Lid/Hat at Lids stores:







How to get K33N logos stitched on a Lid/Hat:

1. Call your local Lids.com store.

2. Tell them to call Lids Store 16 and request the K33N and K33N2 logo sent to them. Phone: (317)849-5059 or by Email: 0016@lids.com.

3. Once your local Lids store receives the .dts files (Digitalization files), they can stitch either Logo on to any Lid/Hat for you.

-- Be sure to use the Neon green color thread!


Optional to add more "Swag":

  • Use a normal text font and get your K33N Username stitched on the side. (I personally chose the font: Breezy for mine.)


What's the cost?:

Cost can vary depending on where you are in the world but for U.S it was $16 for both a logo, and a Username text stitching on a hat. For just one of the two K33N logos, it was $12.50. (Again, you can bring in a lid/hat, or buy a plain one at Lids and have them stitch it there.

So head on into your local Lids store today and get some K33N Swag!


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