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10.9.19 K33N RP Server Update notes

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@XxWWJDxX and @xCaliber have been very busy and are happy to bring you this HUGE K33N RP Server update! 

Use lockpick to hotwire

New property system 
Can now share keys for properties

Three new Gang Jobs
(Lost MC, Ballas, Vago)

New drug system controlled by gangs

  • Lost Mc- Oxy
  • Ballas- Meth
  • Vagos- Coke

New drug effects

New House robbery system

 illegal revive location at grandmas

fixed pillbox issue with slow running

Removed courthouse
Removed loot scanner

Added Commands:
   animations /e1-13
   surrender /e surrendor
-- Salute: /e salute : Salute your comrades!
-- Bird 1: /e finger : One hand middle Finger
-- Bird 2: /e finger2 : 2 hands middle finger
-- Surrender: /e surrender : Kneel down hands behind head surrender
-- Facepalm: /e palm : Facepalm
-- Notes: /e notes : Write down notes on paper
-- Brief: /e brief : Equip a tactical brief case
-- Brief2: /e brief2 : Equip a leather brief case
-- Foldarms: /e foldarms : Cross your arms
-- Foldarms2: /e foldarms2 : Cross arms v2
-- Damn: /e damn : Throw your arms in disbelief
-- Fail: /e fail : Become visibly disappointed
-- Gang1: /e gang1 : Gang sign 1
-- Gang2: /e gang2 : Gang sign 2
-- No: /e no : Shake your head no
-- Pickbutt: /e pickbutt : Pick your butt
-- Grab Crotch: /e grabcrotch : Grab your crotch
-- Peace: /e peace : Hold peace sign
-- Cigar: /e cigar : Place cigar in your mouth
-- Cigar2: /e cigar2 : Place a burnt cigar in your mouth
-- Joint: /e joint : Place a joint in your mouth
-- Cig: /e cig : Place a cig in your mouth
-- holdcigar: /e holdcigar : Hold a cigar in your hand
-- holdcig: /e holdcig : Hold a cig in your hand
-- holdjoint: /e holdjoint : Hold a joint in your hand
-- dead: /e dead : Play dead
-- holster: /e holster : Hand hovers over holster
-- /givecash [id] [amount]   - Give cash to someone
-- aim: /e aim : Aim a pistol at the floor
-- aim2: /e aim2 : Aim a pistol up to your shoulder
-- umbrella: /e umbrella : Use an umbrella
-- guard: /e guard : Enter a security/guard pose
-- phonecall: /e phonecall : Enter a phone call animation
-- shotbar: /e shotbar : Take a shot at a bar
-- drunkbaridle /e drunkbaridle: Lean up against a bar drunk
-- djidle /e djidle : Idle at a dj booth
-- djidle2 /e djidle2 : Idle at a dj booth 2
-- fdance1 /e fdance1: Female Dance 1
-- fdance2 /e fdance2: Female Dance 2
-- mdance1 /e mdance1: Male Dance 1
-- mdance2 /e mdance2: Male Dance 2
   walkstyle 1-44  /e walk1-44


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