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Naval Action | Pirate Ranks

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Due to the fact that there are not many sites out there that have a nice chart to be able to see your current Player Rank/XP on a chart level to see where you fall and your max crew, here you go! Enjoy!

Naval Action Pirate Ranks

Rank Title XP Max Crew Largest Crewable Ship
by Crew Size
1 Thief 0 40 Cutter
2 Rascal 500 80 Privateer
3 Scoundrel 1000 120 Snow
4 Rogue 1500 160 Niagara
5 Mutineer 2000 220 Pandora
6 Rover 3000 280 L'Hermione
7 Brigand 5000 380 Indefatigable
8 Plunderer 12000 500 Agamemnon
9 Raider 20000 700 Bellona
10 Scourge 35000 900 Victory
11 Terror 55000 1200 L'Océan
12 Curse 76000 1500 L'Océan


View Spreadsheet of all Nation Ranks


Source and view other Naval Action nation ranks

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