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Fork the branch and plant a new tree?

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In line with many of the items that we are finding, it has been mentioned so I figured I would bring it up.....

I know it would take a TON of work... and there are some of us that are willing to help.  But what about re-coding a fresh version of Los Santos? Rip off the band-aids, replace, clean, optimize, etc. Take an inventory, and spend a weekend getting things back.  Then, move forward. 

Again, I know it is a ton of work. It would take time. It would halt all other progress... but the outcome may be a faster, more stable, more modular (able to drop in things easier), server. I would even be happy to raise / throw some money at this to make it happen. 

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Happy to hear the things that will be going on and willing to help in any way. It may still need to be something at some point.... but let's see what magic we can make happen. Thank you, again.

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