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1.5.19 - K33N Partnered Streamer announcement

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1.5.19 - Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a fantastic holiday season with family and friends. 

With a new year comes some cleanup and updates to K33N. Recently, we, unfortunately, had to remove some of our K33N Partnered Streamers and Featured streamers due to not abiding by the terms and conditions. 

Our Automated testing checks indicate that some linked Twitch and Mixer Channels that were K33N Partnered Streamers no longer contain the "K33N Logo" or "Join K33N Discord" images links displayed... As part of the K33N Partnered Streamers, this is one of the only requirement asked in return for partnered streamers.

In order to remain a K33N Partnered Streamer (Both on Discord and The K33N Gaming Website, Remain on the Homepage spotlight of Featured Streamers, and auto hosted via K33NGaming Twitch/Mixer channels), K33N Partnered streamers are required to have these on his/her stream channel. 

If you are reading this and are an individual who was removed from the K33N Partnered Streamer group and wish to be re-added, you can view the tutorials on how re-adding these to your channel, and reach out to an Administrator or Founder on the K33N Gaming Community Discord after doing so.

How-To Add Required K33N Images to Twitch Channel

How-To Add Required K33N Images to Mixer Channel

How-To Add Required K33N Images to Youtube Channel

For any questions,  concerns, or to be reinstated as a K33N Partnered Streamer,  please contact an Admin or Founder on the K33N Gaming Community Discord.

What is a K33N Partnered Streamer?

  • Get your stream in the spotlight of the homepage of the website in "Featured Streamers"
  • Access to K33N Official Partner only Graphics and Stream Overlay animations
  • Get added to the exclusive K33N Partnered Streamer page and Sidebar widget 
  •  Discord and Website Role: K33N Partnered Streamer
  • Access to special features, including social media shoutouts, and video highlights
  •  Priority for K33N stream raids
  •  Priority slots on K33N Official Game Servers
  •  Get your stream auto hosted by K33NGaming Twitch/Mixer account and join the K33N stream team.
  •  Stream promotion on the K33N Discord 
  • Ability to partner with K33N for special stream events such as charity streams, conventions, and more


Sweet, but what is required by me?

  1.  Feature K33N logo and K33N Discord link on your Stream Channel
  2. Shoutout K33N Gaming every few minutes somewhere in your stream/chat
  3. Follow K33N Gaming on Twitter and Use @k33nstreams and or #k33n in your Tweets
  4.  Be a member of the K33N Discord


Want to apply to become a K33N Partnered Streamer? Apply Today!

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