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Greetings! BT here

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I've been streaming off and on for a year now, but I recently started reaching out to different communities and was led to this place, so here I am!


I'm a 3D animator and game designer, who has played games all his life. On stream, I have been making an attempt at focusing on platformers, or games with platforming elements, because that's where my love is and that's where my skills are, but I love other genres such as stealth games, horror games and shooters as well - and because friends are always donating shooter games to me, I tend to play them fairly regularly. I will always start streaming animation in the near future.


I can be very high energy when playing the right games, and while most people go quiet when they concentrate during intense moments, I rather start speaking gibberish and screaming instead, which sometimes has its strange entertainment value when I look back at those moments. I have a good sense of humor, and while I'm not politically correct, I have etiquette.


That's all for now, hoping you stop by my streams sometimes :) 

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I came across K33N by looking up new Discord channels to join. I think I started looking for animation ones, then looked up some for streamers, and this popped up. I think I found it on Disboard.org. Lately, I've been playing a lot of Borderlands 3, which was one of the donations I mentioned, and I'm playing through Ori and the Blind Forest. Apparently I'm almost done with both games. I've also been wanting to to do some streams of collecting the platinum relics in Crash Bandicoot 2 (remake). So far I've really felt that I'm at my best when playing Crash. It just brings out so much energy and so many goofy moments! Those are my plans right now, but I'm always open for suggestions. I tend to prefer high energy games, and I feel like I'm most entertaining when playing those anyway.


Oh, and I made a typo in my OP. I can't seem to edit posts here, but it's meant to say "I will also start streaming animation", not "always".

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