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8.14.20 - Massive K33N Rust Server Update

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We are pleased to announce that today K33N Rust received a massive server update!


  • Server name is now K33NGAMING.COM | 2x Vanilla+ | Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad
  • Server has been updated from a 4x to 2x. (Sulfer = 1.5x)
  • The following now require fuel: Campfires, Firepits, fireplaces, furnace, lanters, large furnace, oil refinery's, quarry, search light, fog machines, snow machines, cursed cauldrons, and Chinese lanterns. The following do not require more than 1 Low Grade fuel to use: Ceiling light, miners hat, tuna light, and candle hat.
  •  Stack Sizes have been modified from 50k to 5k to better match the change to 2x gather rate.
  • Furnace Speed Multiplier changed from 2.0 to 1.0
  •  Info Panel
  • ZLevelsRemastered has been modified to not give as much of a multiplier making it a true 2x gather rate.


  • Gather Control (Day/night bonus gather rate)
  • No Escape plugin
  • Quick smelt (Don't worry you still have a 50% faster smelt rate!)
  • TsunHorses (No longer needed now that Horses are now in Rust!)
  • AbsoluteGifts (Plugin was never used).
  • MyMiniCopter (Plugin was never used)
  •  RainOfFire (Plugin was never used).

Upcoming Changes:

  • AlphaLoot (Lootcrates)


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