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In today's update we did the following:

  1. Updated the server name in the Rust Modded Server Browser to: K33NGAMING.COM | 2x Vanilla+ | Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad | Force wipe only
  2. Hopefully fixed ground pickup items from vanilla 1x to proper 2x. This included: Corn, Berries, Corn, Pumpkins, and Mushrooms as well as corpses upon harvest.
  3. Implemented a Duel/Betting system. (Details below).


How betting works:

  • Once enabled players may make bets towards their next duel under the condition that the player they duel has the same bet.
  • You are not allowed to request duels while having an active bet if the player you are requesting does not have the same bet.
  • If joining the queue with a bet then you will only win the bet if the player you defeat has the same bet as you and is not associated as a friend.
  • Bets must be multiples of 500 if above 500 in the total amount bet. This reduces operator error between two players placing bets.
  • Protection is in place to prevent friends from betting other friends. This prevents abuse of the betting system.
  • Use '/duel bet' in game.

Steps to creating a quick bind for the Duelist GUI:

  1. Press F1, go to Console
  2. bind u dui
  3. Press U to toggle the Duelist GUI

In Game Commands:

Player Chat Commands (1v1):

  • /duel playername -- challenge a player to a 1v1
  • /duel accept -- accept a 1v1 challenge
  • /duel allow -- toggle allowing players to challenge you
  • /duel cancel|decline -- cancel or decline a 1v1
  • /duel bet [itemname] [amount] -- create a bet
  • /duel block playername -- block a specific player from challenging you
  • /duel chat -- toggle showing 1v1/tdm defeat messages
  • /duel claim -- claim all won bets
  • /duel kit [kitname] -- show all available kits, or set your priority for your kit using the specified kit name
  • /duel ready -- ready up for a rematch in 1v1 or TDM

Player Chat Commands (TDM):

  • /tdm playername -- challenge a player to a TDM
  • /tdm
  • /tdm accept -- accept a TDM challenge
  • /tdm any -- join any public TDM or any TDM where the host is an ally
  • /tdm cancel|decline -- cancel or decline a TDM
  • /tdm leave -- leave your match
  • /tdm kit [kitname] -- view all kits or set the kit used for your match before it starts (hosts only)
  • /tdm kickban playername -- ban/unban a player from your match (hosts only)
  • /tdm public -- toggle your team as public or private (hosts only)
  • /tdm setcode code -- view or set the code your team (hosts only)
  • /tdm size # -- set the size of your match (2 for 2v2, 3 for 3v3, 5 for 5v5, etc) (hosts only)

Duelist GUI:

  • Use /dui to access the GUI
  • Accept -> Accept a 1v1 or TDM request
  • Decline -> Decline a 1v1 or TDM request
  • Kits -> Select the kit for your next 1v1, or the kit for a TDM match if you're a host
  • Public -> Toggle your TDM match as public or private
  • TDM -> Join a specific public match, or set the size of your match
  • Queue -> Join or leave the 1v1 queue
  • Any -> Join any match that is public is belongs to an ally
  • Ready -> Ready up for a rematch in 1v1 or TDMMatches refresh when updated GUI closes when a 1v1/TDM match starts and reopens after it ends

Read more about the newly added Duelist plugin here.

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