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4.24.21 - Discord Update: Video Game Deals Category added

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4.24.21 - Today we added a brand new category to our Discord Server specifically for Video Game Deals. These channels are automatically updated daily to provide you with the best possible game deals and prices! But wait, there's more! We even added a channel for free games as well! These channels look at major video game retailers such as Steam, Epic Games, Indiegala, Playstation, Humble Bundle, UPlay, Microsoft Store, Origin etc! You can gain access to these role-specific channels by joining our Discord Server and reacting with the Daily VIdeo Game Deal Sales and Giveaways reactions found in our #role-assignment channel!

We also added a Steam Bot to our Discord Server! 
That means that you can now  lookup a steam profile simply by using the text: steam search profile userNameHere


  • Example:
    • steam search profile HoldenRiot

You can also save money by using: steam search game gameNameHere

This will show the game, description, current price, and how much the title originally was!

  • Example:
    • steam search game rust

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