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4.18.18 - Discord Now Live Bot Issues

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For those of you who may have already noticed, since Monday (4.9.18), our Discord NowLive Bot has been Offline.

I can assure you this is not a K33N related Issue... This is an issue with the Bot we simply utilizes to post our K33N Partnered Streamers Stream links each and every-time they go live for the communities ease of access.

Here is a note from the Developers at NowLive:


Now Live is currently down and will remain down until further notice.  The bot server has been IP banned and I am filing an official inquiry as to why.  I don't know if my inquiry or repeal will be effective or not, bit it is currently the only course of action that I have.  Work will continue to expedite the rewrite with hopes that we can get it up and running, but there's no way to know if the rewrite server will fall victim to the same date as the current server or not.

My deepest apologies to all of you who have been faithful users and supporters of Now Live.

Now Live will be offline for an indeterminate amount of time but for those wishing to continue to receive updates are welcome to remain in this server.

Again, thank you everyone!  And Now Live won't be going down without a fight!!


And here is their Twitter Post regarding the issue.

In the meantime, all K33N Partntered streamers can still post their Stream links into the existing #k33n-partnered-streamer Discord Chat channel manually as well as in our #stream-promos text channel. As always, by using @k33ngaming in your tweets, we will get your tweet retweeted for additional exposure.

The K33N Staff will give it a few days in attempts to be sorted by the NowLive staff. If nothing is fixed with reasonable time, the K33N Staff will work on a more efficient process to still have the same if not better quality!


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So, got some good news from the developers of the Now Live Bot...

They have heard back from Discord but appear to still have still have more people to talk to in reference to all of this before they will be able to unbanned...

I should know more in the next few days!

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UPDATE From the Now Live Bot Staff:
"I know many of you have been asking and wondering what the fate of Now Live is... Well, I wanted to update everyone by saying that Now Live will be coming back online at some point in the next couple days... Some things internally to the bot have to be updated to meet Discord 's request... so once those changes have been made and tested, I will be bringing the bot back online for a 24 hour period so I can verify with the logs that all the changes have been made successfully under a production load... At which point, the bot will be coming offline again for a period of less than 24 hours to make any final tweaks that need to be made then will be back online permanently Thank you to everyone who has been supportive throughout this difficult period in Now Live's history. I never y understood how passionate the users of the bot were before this. When I am ready to out the bot back on online for the initial 24 hour period, I will make another announcement."

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