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Welcome to the K33N Gaming Community Discord !

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get on your way! 

Note: This can also be found on our Discord server in the #how-to-discord text channel.

1.) Link your accounts -

Please take a second either in the Desktop app or Browser version of Discord to link your other accounts to your Discord profile! To to so, simple click the gear icon located at the bottom left by your name/mute buttons, go to Connections under User Settings, then add and link all of you accounts. This makes it nice and easy for people to find you and your channels!


2.) Finding Text & Voice Channels -

Channels are essentially “rooms” that are to keep our Discord organized. The channels are within categories. The channel list is displayed on the left in the Desktop/Browser app and can be accessed by tapping the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen on mobile.



3.) Learning about a Channel -

You can find out what a channel is about and it’s topic by simply clicking on a channel name. There are two places you can get this important information.

  • a.) Pinned messages. (Messages that have been highlighted and pinned in the channel).
  • b.) Channel Topics



4.) Muting Channels -

Of course we don’t want to see channels muted by our members, however we do understand that sometimes there can seem like there is way too much information or too many notifications. If you find there are channels that are too active and you seem to get too many notifications from, you can mute individual channels. You can do so on both Mobile by going into channel settings (click the name of the channel at the top of the screen), and go to Notification Settings, then Mute Channel. You can do the same thing on desktop by right clicking the channel in the list, and then checking Mute [channel name]



5.) Discord Role Assignment -

Please visit #role-assignment Discord Text Channel for self assignable roles including your Platform, Region, and Game Roles giving access to other normally hidden discord channels!


View our other How-To’s

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