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If you are a Live Streamer, We strongly encourage you to check and make sure you have properly linked your Livestream to your K33N Gaming Profile.

If you are asking yourself:

  • Why is my livestream not being displayed on the K33N Gaming Streams page when I am live?
  • How do make my livestream show on K33N Gaming's Streams page when I stream?
  • I have changed my stream username and it no longer is displaying on K33N Gaming's Streams page

Then have no fear! Follow the steps below to solve those issues!

1.) Make sure you are logged in and On the Top-Right corner of the website, click your Username.


2.) Click "Profile"

3.) Click "Edit Profile" which should appear over your Profile Cover Photo.


4.) Edit your profile. Select your primary stream platform, and enter your Username (Not URL!)


5.) Add other Streams. (If any). Add your Twitch/Mixer Usernames (Not URL), and or your YouTube URL in the Other Streams section. This is so the social media icons are clickable links in your profile! (Important for your exposure!)


6.) Click Save




View How to Edit your K33N Gaming Profile

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