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Server Hotkeys

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  • F1 opens the phone menu

  • F2 opens the inventory menu

  • F3 opens the animations menu

  • F6 is used for Job Interaction (Applicable Jobs Only)

  • F7 is the billing system for selling items

  • K is to set cruise control

  • U is to lock and unlock you car

  • E is the main action button for most things

  • M opens the tablet open up

  • BackSpace is used to close all menus

  • ESC or the home button can be used to close the tablet or head back to the home screen

  • Ctrl + M opens the radar when you are in a police vehicle

  • Chat Commands

  • /pv in the chat is spawn a car you have bought from the dealer

  • /ooc talk in out of character chat to the whole server

  • /twt make a tweet to the whole server
  • /emote *emote name*


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