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7.8.18 Site Updates & New Features !

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We are happy to announce that our site has had many recent changes and additions to better your user experience! 

The Site Updates Include:

Navigation Updates / Changes

- You may have mentioned our Site navigation looks slicker. It is cleaner and has been updated!

- Donations page is New and improved. ( Donate any amount and automatically receive our special VIP Donator Role! )

Donations sidebar widget on homepage has been updated to "Donation Box" to match the new Donation system.

- Forums is Now Under Community  in the navigation.

Community Hub is now Under Community in the navigation.

- Clubs have been added Under Community in the navigation. ( Gives users the ability to Create a Club with a name, privacy settings, Description, Images, Discussion topics, calendar for Club events and more! )


Profile Page Updates / Changes

- Clubs have a Tab where you can view Clubs a member is in.

- Donations have a Tab where you can view a members donations to K33N Gaming.

- Trophies and Metals tab have been added for member rewards and achievements.

- Social Info -  A new Profile feature has been added called Social Info. You can edit your Social Info by navigating to your K33N Gaming profile, and clicking "Social Info". (These will now display on the forums when you make a post!) ((NOTE: You must still click "Edit Profile" to link your Primary Streaming Account and other Social media information if you are a streamer in order for your stream to display on the website! This Social Info feature is strictly to display your Social Info on the forums/posts you make for additional exposure!)).5b426a7716c4f_socialinfo.thumb.PNG.ffc2b6bf550841c8f33ffd342694c952.PNG


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