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(WordPress) New Plugin for Mixer streamers!


I have just made a brand new plugin for Mixer Streamers!

For Mixer Streamers who like WordPress, and love the ease of use of it, i have created a plugin that connects the Mixer API to your stream, and your website!

What is it?

I call it: Streaming Companion For Mixer

What Does it Do?

My plugin makes a communication between the Mixer API and your Mixer stream in order to show the following on your website:

  • Online Status
  • Game Name
  • Viewer Count
  • Live Video Feed (An ENTIRE portable version of mixer.com with the capability of logging in, AND chatting with the Streamer! :D)
  • VODS!

THE ENTIRE THEME works for Broadcast LITE and Broadcast PRO.

Due to the modification that i've done, even the theme that i've spoken about above, needs SOME modification.

Before using this plugin. There is a little coding for you to do (Only in the Broadcast LITE & Broadcast PRO themes!) Inside title.php (includes/header/title.php), You will need to change two lines of code

Lines 1 – 4, Delete the code, and put this code in, inside:

<? php
$mixSettings = get_option(‘mix-companion-settings’);
$username = $mixSettings[‘field_1_1’];







Broadcast Lite & Broadcast PRO Themes are available over at: https://www.streamweasels.com/product-category/themes/
Streaming Companion For Mixer is available over at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/streaming-companion-for-mixer/

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