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8.23.18 - SkinBox plugin added

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Welcome @deathfire769 to the team and thank you for the plugin hookup! :)  


The plugin features are the following:

  • Usage of any available Workshop skin
  • Fill up skins automatically per each item based on skin trending days
  • Item duping protection
  • Ammo duping protection
  • ItemMod duping protection
  • Items will have the same condition like the original
  • ItemMods will have the same condition like the originals
  • Ammo will have the same amount like the original
  • AmmoTypes will be the same like the original
  • ItemMods cannot be taken out of slots or put into slots
  • Closing the box without taking out an created item will give back the first created item


Chat command:
/skinbox - opens the box 




View more info on our K33N Rust Server

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