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11.24.18 - New Plugins added to Rust 10x Server

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We are happy to announce that our K33N Rust 10x Server recently got some plugin upgrades! Enjoy!


- Ability to build drawbridges! View Video Demo Here

/bridge.use - this will toggle any bridge within use range that is not locked down and is owned by you. Unless you allow Friends or Clan mates. then they can toggle then as well.
Standard and VIP users:
/bridge.build - while looking at a foundation or floor, it will place a new bridge on it.
/bridge.rotate - while standing on a bridge base block, it will turn the bridge 90 degrees each use. you can only rotate your own bridges.
/bridge.lock - while standing on a bridge base block, it will lock ONLY that bridge from moving. Toggling this again will unlock that bridge. you can only lock your own bridges.
/bridge.count -
this will give player his current bridge count.
/bridge.destroy - this will allow player to destroy there own bridge while standing on the bridge base block.
/bridge.setplate - this will place a pressure plate (landmine) on the bridge base block. when stepped on, it will toggle players local bridges within user range just as if they used the chat command /bridge.use. Using this command on a block that has a pressure plate, will remove that plate.
NEW !! /bridge.setpublicplate - this will place a public pressure plate (landmine) on the bridge base block. when stepped on, any player will be able to toggle bridge. No perms needed at all.


Clans UI

- A nice UI for Clans Reborn plugin. Allows you to toggle friendly fire between clan mates (ClansREBORN only) , invite new members, form and manage alliances, promotion/demotion of members and set custom commands that can be run at the click of a button.

/cmenu - Opens the menu


Rideable Horses

- Ability to ride horses! View Video Demo Here

E - Ride horse when near one

Spacebar - Get off horse


Lock On Rockets

- LockOn Rockets require a smoke rocket to be used as the ammo type! View Video Demo Here

/craft.lockon - Used to craft a lock-on rocket


Plane Crash

- Random low flying planes that can be shot down and crash with loot!


Better Charcoal

- Allows you to configure the chance of getting charcoal, how much wood is cooked, and how much charcoal is produced per wood in a furnace that contains only wood.



List of all installed K33N 10x Rust Server Plugins

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