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12.6.18 - K33N Image Competition & Snow Added to Site

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K33N Members,

It's Competition time!! We want YOU to create a K33N Snow Logo for us to use the next few months along with our added Snow to our Website header!

Winner will be announced and your created logo could be used on all K33N Social Media!! Get yourself recognized by entering and emailing your entry to: admin@k33ngaming.com following the simple Rules/Guidelines below!



Use the K33N Logo image and make it Christmas/Snowy like for the Winter Season! Example: Battlefield V's Discord: 5c0945617c7b4_ScreenShot2018-12-06at10_50_18AM.png.bf2424849aeb2b9a3354358ac7d7b975.png

1. Use this Image: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ij7pb9mGTOegWTJn-BRrrwul7mnWjCEI 

2. Email your entry to admin@k33ngaming.com with the Subject: K33N Winter Logo Entry - NameHere

3. Wait for K33N Staff to announce the participants and Winner! 



The winner will:

1.) Have their K33N logo featured on all social media with Shout outs

2.) Receive a copy of the game: Warhammer Endtimes: Vermintide !




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