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2.9.19 - Rust component loot update

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2.9.19 -  You spoke, we listened! K33N Rust component rates have now been adjusted. You should now see a bit more of the following components: Rope, Metal Pipes, Metal Blades, Gears, Tech,  Metal Springs, and Roadsigns. All of these were increased from Max 3, Min 1 to Max 10, Min 5. Enjoy!

Old Rates:

Min: 1
Max: 3

New Updated Rates:

Min: 5
Max: 10

Computers and Camera have also been moved from Rare(3) to Uncommon(2) and will now drop at a max of 10, minimum 1. So Computers and Cameras should now appear more!



Address:  rust.k33ngaming.com:28315 or

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