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2.12.19 - Packet Flooding: Player Tick issue - Fixed!?

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2.12.19 - It has come to our attention that many of our players have been kicked due to Packet Flooding: Player Tick. Although there is no great fix/solution for this issue, we have done the following in hopes to alleviate some of your client's issues. 

The following has now been done:
server.maxtickspersecond "2000" -- (Hopefully fix for players Packet Flooding: Player Tick related issue).
- added the above command to run upon each server restart automatically.

- Set scheduled Steam updates to occur on the first Thursday of every month but only when no players are online and after there is a Rust Steam update.

- Set scheduled Oxide updates to occur on the first Thursday of every month after Steam updates run.

- Set scheduled UMod plugin updates to run on the first Thursday of every month after Oxide updates run.

- Set scheduled Restarts to occur every night at 3:00am EST or when the last player logs off.

As always, please let us know if you continue to experience the Packet Flooding: Player Tick disconnect issues on our Rust Server on our Discord.


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